Monday, August 15, 2016

BEYOND MEAT BEAST BURGER- Product reviews and way I used them (A personal fave)

VEGAN TRANSITION PROBLEM - One of the biggest issues I faced (as a mom and wife gone vegan) when I started this journey was finding a suitable replacement for meat, as I still had to feed my husband (meat eater- gone vegetarian) and our teenager (now vegan as well). Before this journey began we were the typical American family who grilled out to celebrate holidays and birthdays etc. and yes there were always burgers and hot dogs and the general cookout fair.

With Husband's bday around the corner and Independence day to close behind I was on the hunt for something vegan that would fit the bill. Enter: BEYOND MEAT BEAST BURGERS! I was a bit skeptical how my family would react, but to my surprise these burgers did the trick!

My kid even said "If you can make things like this that let me still enjoy the food that I'm use to, I'll go vegan myself". And he has.

The review: Burgers to me require a handful of things to qualify as a great burger...Taste, texture, sear capability & juiciness. Taste: Is good, no heavy veggie burger after taste. Texture: is on point, I was impressed with this. You could easily feed these to a non-vegan without complaint. My husband didn't know the difference until after he ate it for the first time. Sear capability: You can easily bake these in the oven, fry them in a skillet or grill them. The outside has the ability crisp up just enough with you drying out. Juiciness: Unless you leave them in the oven too long, they stay juicy in the middle. All together, this is my family's burger of choice. The price is a little over $4 for 2 patties, but the patties are huge, don't shrink. Comparable to non-vegan burgers price wise.