Thursday, November 3, 2016

Veganize the "Ruben"... my personal challenge!

Vegan-ize a classic ruben, my son's favorite sandwich and what he asks for every birthday!

This was a challenge I struggled with mentally all summer. But after some research and a couple taste tests....


Rye Bread
Daiya "swiss"
Tofurky peppered Deli slices
Hampton Creek's JUST Thousand Island Dressing
Sour kraut of choice

This has by far become our house favorite vegan melty cheese.
This was a suitable option for my newly vegan teen.
He seemed very impressed by the flavor of this product.
I'm not a fan of ruben sammies, so I am taking his word for it.
He ate 3!!!
SUCCESS!!!! Mission accomplished.....The Ruben - VEGANIZED!