Saturday, June 11, 2016

2 months MEAT FREE! - Update

 It has been 2 months since I cut meat completely from my diet (dairy and egg shortly followed, full vegan update on the 25th). It was a no brainer for me. With family medical history in my genes and turning 40 this year, I finally took the plunge. For years my digestive system had been crap from IBS/constipation/bloating I would go days between movements, my body ached from fibromyalgia, depression and anxiety have plagued me since my teen years, and I never had a healthy relationship with food (all of which will get their respective post relating to each individual topic in the future).

Since removing animal products from my diet I have seen more improvement in myself than I could have imagined. I wake up ready to go no coffee needed. I am actually spending more time in the bathroom than I care to admit. The only aches I'm having these days is from post workout soreness. My depression is lessening daily, and the anxiety & panic attacks have reduced significantly. My relationship with food is improving, I enjoy the way it tastes, I take time enjoy each meal I prepare, I haven't binged in weeks. I can actually look at food as fuel vs. emotional filler. I am still working on getting my OCD in check and the compulsion to check my weight loss daily. Small battles, one at a time.

If I can feel this good in 8 weeks, I am excited to see what 8 months brings. Stay tuned!

*All stats on weight loss, current work out goals and inches over all lost will be updated monthly on the 25th.

How are you doing in your vegan journey? Please a comment below.
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